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The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror - Christopher Moore Absolutely hilarious story! If you need something to take your mind of the craziness of the holidays and laugh out loud, this is the book for you!Raziel has come to Pine Cove to grant one child's wish for Christmas ... loads of mayhem, a lot of laughs, a former pot-smoking sheriff with a B-movie star, off her meds, psycho wife, an accidental murder, brain eating zombies and much more. The dead are always listening and apparently so are God's angels, so watch what you say and/or ask for. Gotta love it!Favorite Quotes:Love the Author's Warning at the beginning, sets the tone of the book: "If you're buying this book as a gift for your grandma or a kid, you should be aware that it contains cusswords as well as tasteful depictions of cannibalism and people in their forties having sex. Don't blame me. I told you.""I'm a professional bartender since your daddy flushed the condom that held your only hope of havin' a brain ...""This is Josh Barker, six-seventy-one Worchester Street, Pine Cove, California nine-three-seven-five-four. I saw Santa tonight, which was great, and thank you for that, but then, right after I saw him ..." Gotta love the mind of a 7 year old :)"I can't believe you ate all the brains ... that was supposed to be for everyone." "The gunpowder game them a nice peppery flavor..." "Don't rub it in ... I'm so hungry.""How could you have possibly known?" "The bat told me." "You mean he showed up and you say, 'What's wrong boy, is Timmy trapped down a well? ... Like that?" "No, it's like, 'Your husband and a bunch of people have barricaded themselves in the chapel against a horde of brain-eating zombies and you need to save them.' Like that. He has some kind of accent. Sounds Spanish."Man, I could go on and on, but then you wouldn't need to read the book. :)