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Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)

Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep Dark Frost, the third book in Estep's Mythos Academy series, was my favorite story so far. In this installment, Gwen learns who killed her mother (the identify of the Reaper is revealed) and exactly what Logan has been scared for her to find out about his past. Many lives are lost and saved throughout the book. All of that made this YA paranormal a 5-star read, but the overwhelming abundance of repetitious phrases is so frustrating for me that I just can't bring myself to rate the book that high. Additionally, Gwen continues to miss clues that are right in front of her. I know she's a teenager, but the author cannot have her grow in one direction only. She's becoming better with her powers, but she's not becoming more aware even after all she's been through so far. (I'm trying to remain spoiler-free, so I apologize if these examples don't make much sense.) For instance, why would she reject a possible way to save herself when she's already proven that what she's considering works? Why would she desperately fear something that doesn't just happen, but has to be willed to happen? It would be like me fearing that I might unintentionally jump off the roof of a building, so I avoid the top floor of buildings for the rest of my life. [Rating: 3.5★]