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Black Wings (Black Wings Series #1)

Black Wings (Black Wings Series #1) - Black Wings introduces us to Maddy, an Agent of Death. Her job is just that, a job that comes with an anal retentive boss that nags when the dead don't move on. Maddy lives alone with her gargoyle, Beezle. This book was a bit strange, in that the beginning started off about an agent who escorts the dead. The dead have a choice - the Door (assuming Heaven) or stay on Earth forever as a spirit. The Agent asks three times which they'd prefer, once they answer the 3rd time, it's final, no take-backs. Cool, right? Interesting new type story. Then, you meet Maddy's neighbor/tenant Gabriel and from there things get strange, but interesting. I can't think of much to say that wouldn't be spoilery, so I'll just say that her parentage is not what she'd imagined. I will definitely continue with the series. I'm very interested to see how things progress with Maddy and her potential relationship(s). All in all, a good start to what should be a fun, new UF.