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The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane)

The Mage in Black - Jaye Wells The Mage in Black picks up with Adam, the sexy mage, taking Sabina, half vampire / half mage, to NY to meet her twin sister, who she'd just learned existed. Not to mention that she's living with the vamps enemy, the mages. Being 1/2 vamp, 1/2 mage has been hard for Sabina. The vamps use her and treat her badly b/c of her mixed blood. When she arrives, the attacks on her continue as she learns to use her mage powers. She builds a relationship with her twin, Maisie, who is the Oracle of NY. The action is non-stop and, as always, trouble follows Sabina. She's busted for "poaching" and has to pay The Shade, who is an old "friend" of hers. The romance between Sabina and Adam was virtually non-existent, unfortunately, as he buggers off almost immediately after arriving with Sabina in NY. Of course it's work-related and he later returns, but not much resolution on that storyline was a bummer.IMHO, Giguhl stole the show in this book. He was a riot!I'll definitely continue with the series, especially since MiB ended with another cliff hanger. Hopefully Green Eyed Demon will see some resolution to issues left unaddressed in this one.Favorite Giguhl moment:Sabina --> Giguhl "How much money do you have left from the fight?"Silence."Giguhl?" ... "Well?""Five bucks.""What? ... You won a grand!""Those {prostitute} nymphs bewitched me! They made me do naughty things, Sabina. Naughty, expensive things." [Format Read: eBook]