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Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1)

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires Series #1) - Some Girls Bite is "a breath of fresh air" UF with bits of "isn't that always the case" romantic situations. Eight months ago the vampires of Chicago announced their existence to the world. "The Chicagoland Vampires" are made up of three houses: Navarre (the oldest house), Cadogan and Grey. Only the master of each house has the privilege of turning new vampires. There are twelve houses in the US; Cadogan is the fourth-oldest among them.Merit, a 27 year old college student, was attacked by a vampire on campus one night. Ethan Sullivan, the 394 year old master of the Cadogan house, found her and chose to "save" her by turning her. Merit's none to pleased about this. Her best friend and roommate, Mallory, however, is excited. Mal has always had a passion for all things supernatural, a true "Fang Hag". All organized like, the house makes her family and roomie aware of her attack and let's them know that she is recuperating and will be home soon. Merit is the daughter of the wealthy and famous Joshua Merit. He's always treated Merit as nothing but a disappointment. Her new vampiric status doesn't help matters at all. The fact that she has lost everything she's worked so hard for and that she now has to swear allegiance to the vampire that "took it away" is too much for Merit. It takes her a bit to adjust to "Merit 2.0". During the days leading up to her initiation ceremony, she meets "Darth Sullivan" and realizes hating him is going to be a problem. She reconnects with her grandfather, the only person in her family that truly cares for her. Along the way we are introduced to the arrogant, sarcastic sorcerer, Catcher and adorable shifter, Jeff. She also meets another vampire, Morgan, who, over drinks and dancing at a local club, makes it clear that she's not the only one feeling the connection between them.All the while, other humans are being attacked and killed. Each one being blamed on one of the vamp houses. The group tries to find out who is killing the innocents while trying to keep the fact that rogues exist, let alone might responsible for the killings, out of the press. I loved this book and am anxious to move onto book 2! The chapter names were a hoot. Ex: "Fangs mean never having to say you're sorry" and "There's not much wrong that chunky monkey can't fix". Favorite Quotes:"...Shifters are happy. They're people; then they're animals; then they're people again. What's not to be happy about? They live with their friends. They drink. They ride their Harleys. They party in Alaska. They have hot shifter sex.""I'm going to worm my way into your life, Merit""Uh-huh. Let me know how that works out for you.""Hey, you're missing out. I've got mad skills."