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Last Vampire

The Last Vampire - Christopher Pike 3½-4★ (good vamp book for YA)A story about a five thousand year old vampire who believes she is the last vampire. She finds out a PI has been investigating her and begins her search to find out who hired him. The back stories are interesting. Didn't feel much of a connection between Sita/Alisa and Ray, but I did eventually feel her love for him. I liked Seymour, another boy she befriends while enrolled in HS. He is suffering from HIV/AIDS and Sita's concern for him feels real.Overall, a good read for YA who don't want to deal with the 5-600+ pages of vampire books like Twilight. The story has mystery, action and YA romance. I may read the add'l books in the future to find out how the rest of the story plays out.