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50 Ways to Hex Your Lover

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover - Linda Wisdom 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover introduces us to Jazz Tremaine and Nikolai Gregorivich, now going by the name of Nick Gregory. Jazz is a 700 year old witch who was banished from The Academy for Witches, along with 13 of her fellow witchy sisters, for casting a curse on a mortal. Since none of the girls would say who had cast the spell, they were all banished and "cast out into the world for one hundred years with only the powers {they} presently control. If any of {them} dares to cast a spell not meant for the greater good, {their} banishment will be extended."Now a days, she owns a 1956 Thunderbird convertible which is "haunted" by Irma, a ghost who died in the passenger seat of the car in 1956. Irma, who is listed incorrectly as "Norma" in the book's description, is unable to leave the car. She works as a limo driver for Dweezil, a dude so nasty she isn't sure exactly what he is, while also banishing curses for a fee (a HUGE fee). She rooms with Krebs, a human who works from home as a website designer for supes. She also has a pair of killer bunny slippers, Fluff and Puff.Nick is a hot vampire, who is now working as a private investigator. However, he used to be a member of the Protectorate. He left the group that had "too many rules". While a member, his job was hunting down many of the vampires who performed illegal conversions (human->vamp) and destroyed them before their "wasteful practices destroyed the balance with humanity." He can't seem to let go of his "cop mentality". But, "his hand behind the death of so many vampires, even if they deserved it, had been the main reason he had left the organization that had nurtured him from the beginning of his time as a vampire."Jazz and Nick have had a 300 yr on-again-off-again romance that burns fiery hot while they're together, but continues to smolder while they're apart even if "they would part amid colorful shouts and curses." He loves the way they always managed to find their way back to each other, but she doesn't always agree.This time, Nick comes to Jazz asking for her help with a case involving the disappearance of vampires. Not just a few, many have been disappearing for many years. Some speculate it's because they've found a "cure" and are now enjoying the sunshine once again. Nick and Jazz find out that is not the case, in fact, someone they believed they'd killed in 1932 is not as dead as they thought.I loved parts of this story. But, some parts seemed out of place or thrown in kinda helter skelter. The romance could have been a bit better written, but I liked the story enough to stick with the series for at least #2, Hex Appeal.