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The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, #1)

The Wallflower (Halle Pumas, #1) - Dana Marie Bell This is basically a novella, more than a book. It's not bad, good start to a series, I guess. The gist:* Girl falls for boy* Boy leaves town* Boy returns to town (a werepuma)* Boy realizes ... damn, I should'a nailed (I mean, claimed) her sooner* Girl can't believe her luck ... oh, ok, if I have to be a werepuma to have him, sure why not, no biggy* Boy is uberpleased with his choice of mateThe EndOh, there was also a quickie "I like him, but he certainly couldn't like me" (and visa versa) goin' on with his 2nd (Beta) and his "choice" for mate.And, a fight scene between the local "he's mine and you can never have him" bitch - which was cool, esp her comeupins hehe >:)THE EndFavorite Quotes"All I want for Christmas is a piece of that.""Didn't we have this discussion, Captain Caveman? A hickey does not make me yours." Captain Caaaaaavvvvveeeeeman! That nickname certainly fits most weres.