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Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire, #1)

Bound by Night (MoonBound Clan Vampire, #1) - Larissa Ione Bound by Night, the first in Larissa Ione's new PNR series MoonBound Clan Vampire, is a unique mixture of Native American and supernatural lore. Eighty years ago, humans became aware of the existence of vampires. Twenty years later, humans enslaved vampires - defanging them, torturing them, and making them house slaves. Twenty years ago, there was a vampire uprising and many escaped from and killed their human slavers. Vampires are animals that must always be harnessed. Nicole Martin and her brother, Chuck were the only survivors in the Martin family. The Martins are well-known for Daedalus, "... the company that revolutionized vampire slavery and used vampires like lab rodents to advance human medicine." Nicole, however, feels the company needs to shift their focus more fully on medical advancements. Since losing her family and nanny (house vampire) during the rebellion, she hates vampires, but she doesn't believe they should be defanging, torturing, or neutering them.Because vampire morality rates during childbirth are dangerously high, the ShadowSpawn and MoonBound clans make a trade. The ShadowSpawn clan loaned the MoonBound clan Neriya, a vampire who has a rare ability to delivery babies safely in exchange for weapons. While in their care, Neriya was taken. Riker, a MoonBound vampire, takes point on a rescue mission to free Neriya from the humans. He feels questioning Nicole Martin is the best place to start. I am a big fan of Larissa's writing. I loved her Demonica series and was happy to learn she'd started a new one focusing on vampires. The mix of Native American lore with that of vampires is interesting. I look forward to learning more about the vampires and their clans.Thank you to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and NetGalley for this ARC. Quote taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted from the final copy.