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Icy Temptation (Angels of Rock #1) - Marisa Chenery Icy Temptation introduces us to Gannon, Jalen, Keiran, Malik and Trae. Not only are they the five members of the rock band Soar, but they are also Alte. The Alte have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. Although they are equipped with ways to hide their true selves, they have been seen by humans in past. Because of their wings and ability to fly, the humans who have seen them mistake them for angels. After surviving a virus that killed off their race, these sole survivors are now immortal. They live out their lives rocking the masses. When Arwen's best friend, Natalya invites her to a Soar concert she cannot refuse. Though she spends her time either training and coaching competitive figure skaters or at home alone, she considers herself one of Soar's biggest fans. She's dying to see the lead singer, Gannon, she's been crushing on in person. As Gannon sings the band's love song, their eyes meet and neither can deny the strong connection they felt. Brushing it off as a night to remember, Arwen returns to her life on the ice. Gannon, however, cannot leave Kalamazoo without meeting the first woman to intrigue him in over 1,000 years. When he shows up at the Skate Club, Arwen cannot believe her eyes. The two begin their whirlwind romance, which is more than either could have expected, when a surprising evil appears and threatens everything. I enjoyed this short introduction into Marisa's Angels of Rock series. At times, the story felt a bit rushed. It definitely had insta-love factor often found in erotic paranormal romance novels, but this didn't bother me because the two seemed to be good for each other despite their differences. I also enjoyed meeting the other members of the band and look forward to their books in the future.