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Trail of Dead (Scarlett Bernard, #2)

Trail of Dead (Scarlett Bernard, #2) - Melissa F. Olson Trail of Dead picks up a couple of months after the events in [b:Dead Spots|16037696|Dead Spots (Scarlett Bernard, #1)|Melissa F. Olson|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1356384244s/16037696.jpg|21811778]. Since then, Scarlett has been trying to find answers. She returns home only to be cornered at the airport by Jesse, the human LAPD officer who helped her with the last case. He's got another crime scene to show her and he wants answers. She's been gone and hasn't had a chance to check in with Dash, Will, or Kirsten since landing, so she doesn't have much to offer. But, at the scene, it is clear that someone's cleaned it and Jesse's not happy. He continues to struggle for a balance between his morals and desire for justice and what he knows Scarlett does to keep Old World secrets.She is once again tasked with working along side Jesse to solve a case. During their investigation, connections form between the crimes that are happening and Scarlett's former mentor, Olivia. She wants Scarlett and will stop at nothing to have her.Urban fantasy fans are sure to love this series. It has Old World mysteries, a mix of supernaturals, a morally-conflicted, warmhearted, human cop and a touch of romance. I am anxious for the next adventure with Scarlett.