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Dead Spots

Dead Spots - Melissa F. Olson With Dead Spots, Melissa has created a closed world where supernaturals, those with Old World magic (vampires, werewolves and witches), do what they can to keep their existence hidden from humans. LA is one of the rare cities where the Old World creatures share territory more or less in peace ... where Dashiell, cardinal vampire, is in charge. But, the weres take care of their own while the witches do the same. Dash takes charge if/when things overlap. Scarlett Bernard is a null - a "dead spot in the supernatural world". If any supernatural enters her "little circle of peace", which ranges about ten feet around her, "... they lose whatever was supernatural about them." Most of the wolves don't mind because when they're around her, their wolf calms and they are at peace. The vampires are another matter. They regain their humanity around Scarlett; they must breathe and they can be harmed. So, it makes sense that not all of them would willingly enter her field. She keeps her distance, whenever possible, to be respectful of this. There is one vampire, however, Molly who was turned young and wishes to age. She spends as much time as possible with Scarlett and enjoys being human while she can.As a null, Scarlett works for Dash, Will (the werewolf leader) and Kirsten (the witch leader) as a cleaner. She cleans sites of supernatural traces before the police become involved. At least, that's the plan. But, in the case of this particular crime scene, Scarlett arrives too late and is spotted by Officer Jesse Cruz before she can do any cleaning. Thankfully, for Scarlett, a werewolf bounds into her field and is instantly returned to his human form, which shocks Jesse long enough for her to get away.It doesn't take him much time to track her down and start asking questions. Scarlett, given permission to read him in on Old World issues, does what she can to help him understand what happened. He's struggling with her job and the consequences of knowing about the supernatural. He wants justice, human justice, for the crime that has been committed, but he quickly learns that may not be possible. "We sort of have our own justice system. And in the system, everyone can tell if you're lying, and smell where you've been, or do a spell that recreates the whole scene. Physical evidence just isn't important. For that, the only thing that matters is getting rid of it before it draws attention in your {human} world." I really enjoyed Dead Spots. Melissa has done a fantastic job on her debut and I look forward to reading more about Scarlett and gang. It's clear that Scarlett has a lot to learn about a null's abilities. I look forward to learning along with her. The only downside for me ... a budding love triangle, which I dread. Especially when, much like these three, I like all of the characters involved.