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Claimed (Club Sin, #1)

Claimed (Club Sin, #1) - Stacey Kennedy Claimed introduces readers to Stacey's new series, Club Sin, which is an exclusive BDSM club owned and operated by Dmitri Pratt. Presley Flynn, a fan of erotic romances, is ready to make those fantasies a reality and applies for membership to the club. During their first meeting, Dmitri is taken by Presley's timid, yet expressive, demeanor. It's been years since he's taken on another sub, but he's intrigued by how his body responds to her. "You make me do strange things, think odd thoughts, and you force me to break my own rules ... I intend to find out why." As a result, he decides to take her on as his trainee. What starts out as curiosity quickly turns into more - for both Presley and Dmitri; each becoming teacher and student. "You carry all this responsibility and always look out for everyone else. Doing everything and anything to ensure that those around you have what they need in their life. But when does someone get to take care you, Dmitri?" ... a sub who must learn to accept her submission as a gift that should be cherished and given only to those who deserve it and a Dom who needs to allow himself to receive love and attention as much as he needs to give it ... While this theme will seem familiar to those who enjoy books in this genre, there are subtle differences that set it apart. Stacey slowly sets the scene, if you will, allowing the budding relationship between the two to feel vulnerable and real. She gives us a taste of their pasts, so that we can better relate to who they are now. She also weaves in interesting side-characters, who I look forward to learning more about in future installments. While Goodreads notes the book is 272 pages long, my review copy was 185 pages. I would have loved a longer book, however nothing felt rushed or unresolved by the end.Thank you to Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept and Netgalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.