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Close Protection (Paranormal Protection Agency)

Close Protection (Paranormal Protection Agency) - Mina Carter In Close Protection, we meet Ashlee Bishop, five foot nothing human bar owner, who is being harassed by a wicked Pixie, Isaac Roth. He's trying to bully Ashlee into paying for protection. You know, the ole "pay us to protect you against people like us" kind. Then there's Zane Holder, a packless alpha werewolf, who is sick and tired of guarding the annoying "Charlene 'I'm so fucking irresistible' Morris" supermodel. So, when Eloise offers him Ashlee's case, one that will allow him some pixie payback, he jumps at the offer. ... the chance of pounding on some pixies made him a happy little clam indeed. Vicious bastards, the lot of them. They'd once gotten hold of Zane's younger cousin just after the lad had gone through conversion. Damn near crippled him. The pack had avenged the attack of course, but Zane had been out of the country on military service, so he was still waiting for his bit of payback. When he arrives at Ashlee's bar, he's walks in on one of Isaac's bullies attacking her. But, in his wolf form, he takes her by surprise and she starts fighting him as well. Once she learns who he is and what he's there for, she's grateful for the help.Zane and several other members of PPA are stationed around the bar in case of another attack. There's Trent - a half-gargoyle, Destiny - a dryad, and Baron and Duke - twin dragon-shifters who do everything together. When the pixie clan returns, Zane goes a bit too deep into his wolf. No one is more surprised than Zane to learn that this little scrapper can tame the wild beast.Sadly, there are no other PPA installments to be read at the moment, so I will have wait for the next one. Here's hoping it features the previously mentioned dragon-shifters!