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Between a Rock and A Hard Place (Paranormal Protection Agency, #2)

Between a Rock and A Hard Place (Paranormal Protection Agency, #2) - Mina Carter Between a Rock and a Hard Place reunites us with Iliona and Cal(cite). We also learn a bit more about the world Mina's created. Ten years ago, everything that went bump in the night had not only come out of the closet, but out from under the bed, grave and nightmares too. These days, our anti-intruder kits contained silver for weres, iron for the fey, and garlic and stakes for the vamps, amongst other things. When she comes face to face with a green-eyed something rummaging through her office, once again, Cal is there to save the day. Or was it? Iliona finds herself groping Cal's twin, Granite. She can't help but daydream about the two of them. But, she needn't worry because, as she quickly learns, the boys have some ideas of their own and once they realize she's all in, there's nothin' stopping them from putting her Between a Rock and a Hard Place. ;)We also learn a bit about Mina's gargoyles. Among themselves, they are telepathic. And, they ... had been locked in stone for centuries. Aware and desperately longing to join the world around them, but unable to.I like how Mina is able to slowly build a picture of the world she has created by giving us little bits of information about not only the world but also the paranormals that inhabit it. Of course, it's very nice that these tasty morsels are mixed in the sexual sundae she serves up with each book.