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Opal Fire (A Stacy Justice Mystery, #1)

Opal Fire - Barbra Annino Opal Fire tells the story of Stacy Justice, an investigative reporter and reluctant witch. The book opens with a fire at Stacy's cousin's bar, the Black Opal. When her cousin is accused of arson she's determined to find out what really happened. The baddie wasn't obvious, which isn't always the case with paranormal mysteries.Parts of the story made me think of Practical Magic. Stacy is a witch, but practices only because of her aunts. The story is a mystery/thriller with heavy sprinkles of humor throughout and a touch of romance. Cinnamon, Stacy's cousin, was a hoot. Cinnamon hated chipper. She wrapped Chipper up in duct tape, pounded nails into it and used it to beat the crap out of Perky. It's always a happy bonus when a freebie is an enjoyable read.Favorite line: That was the casualty of life in a small town. People scoop into your business then hand out cones to anyone who asks for a lick.