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Death Perception (Psychic Eye Mystery, #6)

Death Perception (Psychic Eye Mystery, #6) - Victoria Laurie In Death Perception, Abby and Dutch head to Vegas after learning that his cousin, who is like a brother to him, has been kidnapped. In the process of searching for Chase, Dutch goes missing. Abby's partner, Candice and her sister, Cat join her as she desperately tries to solve these mysteries. Having lived in Vegas, Candice has a contact for everything. With her know how and street smarts and Cat's unlimited funds, these three are unstoppable. It was great seeing more of Candice and Cat's always a hoot. However, Abby continues to frustrate me. One minute she's "reading someone", telling them things about their lives that prove she's a powerful psychic and the next she's questioning her visions. Of course, she only questions them when it comes to Dutch and those closest to her. Maybe it's that closeness that causes her to question everything. It feels very contradictory and out of character when it happens. These books are always a quick read about mysteries I enjoy trying to solve before all is revealed.