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Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11)

Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11) - Nalini Singh Tangle of Need was the perfect title for this book. The book itself is a tangle of story lines. And, as Nalini is quite skilled at weaving many stories together, fans easily follow one thread after another. While Nalini does a wonderful job of gently leading readers in the direction she wants us to go - from the budding romance to the pre-war tensions - I find I'm not always ready to leave.In Tangle, I found that when the story would shift from one place/character to another I wasn't quite ready to go. For instance, I struggled with the H/h, so whenever the story shifted from the other characters and the Psy issues, I wasn't ready to return to Riaz and Adria yet. But, I followed along and ultimately felt they were a good match. I was happy to have some more insight into Hawke and Sienna's relationship. Part of what I love about this series is Nalini's generosity. Her couples get a spotlight book, but they are never far from sight. They are sprinkled into each additional book. Silence was one crack away from total failure. Some things need to be broken to become stronger. What comes next ... I want to know, I must know. I am anxiously awaiting book 12.