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Betrayed by Shadows (Moonlight, #7)

Betrayed by Shadows (Moonlight, #7) - Nancy Gideon Betrayed by Shadows tells the story of Giles St. Clair, Max' Second and Brigit MacCreedy, Silas' sister. Brigit comes to town seeking Silas' help only to find he's just gotten married and is heading out of town on his honeymoon. Giles agrees to look after her while he's gone. Giles is human, but he's spent a great deal of time around shifters and fits in well. "I know a thing or two about your kind. You can growl, scratch and bite, but for the most part, you can't change into anything more dangerous than the average female." Brigit is stuck up and uses her looks to get whatever she wants. She's a bit befuddled by Giles, who doesn't fawn over her.Giles St. Clair was a human and a hindrance, an interference to overcome.While these two were ultimately a good pairing, I did not care for Brigit when I first met her and I still don't. I did however enjoy learning more about Giles and his family. I know that books 5+ are centering around characters other than Max and CeCe, but I had hoped that after the major event with Max in [b:Seeker of Shadows|10836896|Seeker of Shadows (Moonlight, #6)|Nancy Gideon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320590730s/10836896.jpg|15751060] that more of the book would be spent exploring and solving his situation. I thoroughly enjoy this series and look forward to more books to come. [Rating: 3.5★]