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Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling Series #8)

Bonds of Justice - Nalini Singh Bonds of Justice is another hit in Nalini's Psy-Changeling series! 8th in the series and it still continues to be one of my favorite PNRs! She manages to keep things fresh, keep us up-to-date on what's what with the non-H/h of the stories and this one is no exception.BoJ gives us that closer look in the human cop, Max Shannon. He's a unique human, no psy can get passed his "natural mental shields". This makes him the perfect choice for Councilor Nikita Duncan, Sascha's mother, when she decides to have him look into the unexplainable deaths of those closest to her. She doesn't know who else to trust, ironic that she's trusting a human. Max's opinion, "Nikita's got a heart of f*cking stone and I'm being nice to the stone there."While working on the case, he's been paired up with J-Psy Sophia Russo. Justice-Psy don't last long due to the nature of their jobs. It's their job to scour through the minds of criminals finding exact details of their crimes. "...J-Psy are ... Telepaths born with a quirk that allowed them to slip into minds and retrieve memories, then share those memories with others, the Js had been part of the world's justice system since the world first had one. There weren't enough J-Psy to shed light on the guilt or innocence of every accused - they were brought in on only the most heinous cases: the kinds of cases that made veteran detectives throw up and long-jaded reporters take a horrified step backward."Sophia has been an active J for 12 years, having lasted longer than most Js. She is close to "retirement age".These two met briefly prior to working together on Nikita's case. The case of a serial killer. They continue to work that case, as much as possible, while on their new assignment. When they first met, something awoke in them both. Max has learned not to be possessive. "If you didn't claim people, they couldn't reject you, couldn't leave you, couldn't break your f*cking heart." But even that "reality didn't stop his primal response to Sophia - it came from some place deeper, beyond the civilized skin of his humanity." For Sophia, everything about Max intrigues her. Used to living her life in Silence, but never having her thoughts and those around her be truly Silent, she finds that with Max.Together they made an excellent match! Both fighters and protectors. Max, although human, reacted in very changeling like ways, so I didn't miss not having a changeling pair in the book. He had built such a wall around his heart convincing himself that "he wasn't capable of that depth of vulnerability". Sophia proved him wrong. "We fit, you and I, two broken pieces making a whole."I loved that we got to see some of the other pairs in this one too. That's always a big + for me with this series. I love how Nalini makes us feel connected with what's going on with them, even when they aren't the H/h of the current story. In this book, we got to see a lot of Lucas and Sascha. Their pregnancy is joy to read about; Lucas' talking to the baby and his protectiveness over Sascha and the baby; Sascha's motherly bonding. I am anxious for the babe to arrive! Faith popped in and out as well. Councilor Kaleb Krychek, the most powerful Tk in the PsyNet, continues to pique my interest. Looking forward to learning some of his secrets.I can never say enough about this series! Continues to be one of my top 5 favorite PNRs! Love it! Can't wait for Play of Passion in Nov!!First read: July 27-29, 2010Re-read: Nov 30-Dec 1,2012