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Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling Series #9)

Play of Passion - Nalini Singh Play of Passion is the 9th book in one of my absolute favorite PNRs, Psy-Changelings. We are lucky enough to get another changeling/changeling pairing in PoP. This time it's Indy and Drew in the SnowDancer pack. Indy's a dominant female who has always believed that she should mate with someone who is ranked at the similar level of dominance and equal/older age. But, Drew's determined to make her see the error of that plan. He's only 4 years younger and although, technically not a Lieutenant, he could be. Spoilers are so hard to avoid with this series, sorry if I accidentally spoil something for you.I loved the interaction between Drew and the rest of the pack, particularly Sienna. He's managed to form relationships and be seen as non-threatening to the pack even though his job, when necessary, requires him to kill those that can no longer control their wolf.It was also great to see Judd becoming a bit more human around the pack and his mate, Brenna. The little slices of Hawke/Sienna that we got were enough to drive me crazy with anticipation for Kiss of Snow! Wacko Psy Councilors Henry and Shoshanna's discussions had me biting my nails as the story moved on. They are becoming more and more twisted by their thoughts of "Pure Psy" as the series continues. The only thing that bugged me was the constant repetition of the statement "....predatory changeling male that he was...." K, we got it, movin' on! LOL! I wanted to savour this book, but ended up reading it in one day!I wish yesterday was 01 July 2011, so I could currently be neck deep in Hawke & Sienna's book, Kiss of Snow. Can't wait!First Read: Dec 1, 2010Re-read: Dec 1, 2012