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Thirteen (Women of the Otherworld Series #13)

Thirteen (Women of the Otherworld Series #13) - Thirteen, the conclusion to Kelley's Women of the Otherworld series, centers mostly around Savannah. The storyline threading through the previous two books comes to a conclusion with THIRTEEN, as does the series as a whole. I appreciated Kelley's letter in the beginning of the book explaining why she chose, out of all of the amazing Otherworld characters, to have Savannah as the narrator. Thankfully, each of the Women of the Otherworld narrate a chapter, which gives us a chance to reconnect with them. Honestly, I don't know exactly what to include in my review. As a series-long fan, I will say that I was pleasantly surprised at how happy I felt at the end of the book. I expected to feel a pressing need for more, but, at least for now, I feel satisfied. Kelley's done her characters and fans right by creating a scenario in which all of the beloved and some of the forgotten have regrouped in one final battle. Well, maybe not so final as she has promised a few Otherworld shorts in the future - possibly even returning to world in greater length at some point. Until we meet again, my sweets.