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Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling Series #7)

Blaze of Memory - Nalini Singh Blaze of Memory provides us the series' first psy-psy pairing, Devraj Santos and Katya Haas.Dev is one of the "Forgotten", who the Psy Council has never stopped hunting for since their defection from the PsyNet. He is also the director of The Shine Foundation. Dev no longer considers himself Psy. His ability is hardening him to point where his friends are becoming worried for his stability. Dev's friend and cousin, Jack, is struggling with similar issues with his son. The board at Shine try to help him through the difficult time, knowing that Psy re-conditioning may be his son's only hope.Katya Haas, AKA: Ekaterina, worked with Ashaya in the undergroup Psy labs and was thought to have been killed during the raid. Alaya is thrilled to see her friend survived, but Katya's "missing memories" cause everyone to be worried.Dev is set on keeping Katya with him until they can uncover those missing memories and determine if she is a risk to the foundation or not. His need to have her close quickly turns into one of desire in addition to a responsibility to those he's charged with keeping safe. Katya's feelings for Dev shock her, she's Psy, she shouldn't want to be touched, but she can't help want more ... of everything ... from Dev.I have to admit that this one wasn't my favorite in the series. I am just not a big fan of psy-psy pairings because it limits the changelings involvement in the story. In the end though, I was teary for Dev and Katya, their romance was passionate and their love for each other endless.** I wish I could send "a message to {my} car's onboard computer, telling the vehicle to meet {me} in the front of the building"! How sweet would that be?!