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Seeker of Shadows

Seeker of Shadows - Nancy Gideon Seeker of Shadows tells the story of Jacques LaRoche, the New Orleans Shifter club owner. He's liked by everyone and has a stern yet quiet demeanor.Susanna Duchamp, a geneticist and Chosen, comes to New Orleans to repay a favor. We first met her in Hunter of Shadows when her kidnapped daughter was rescued by Nica. Susanna's appearance in town has Jacques in knots. He wants her to leave because her kind is not to be trusted, but more than that ... something about her hurried his heartbeats until his chest ached to contain them."Seven years ago he woke up in New Orleans with no memory of his past. Since then he has worked hard to rebuild his life. But, he knows without a doubt that "... his mated female yet lived. Somewhere. He just didn't know how to find her." It's left him feeling as though he cannot move on and may never be happy. Susanna is using this time away from her oppressed life among the Chosen in Chicago to feel again. The Chosen believe emotion is a weakness and they live in a somewhat sensory-deprived state believing themselves superior to Shifters. They do not give in to their baser instincts and certainly never those of their other half. She, however, does not feel that way. She mated a Shifter seven years ago, only to sacrifice their love for the safety of her daughter. I really liked the continuity between Hunter of Shadows and SEEKER OF SHADOWS. I wasn't quite sure how I would like Nancy's Midnight spin-off, which strays from the once main characters, Charlotte and Max to focus more on the colorful side characters. But, I have thoroughly enjoyed the two so far and look forward to the next.