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Hostage to Pleasure (Psy-Changeling Series #5)

Hostage to Pleasure - Nalini Singh Duplicate Listing 1st read: 5 May 2010Re-read: 7 June 2012Mine to Possess when rescuing the kids from the lab, he cannot stop dreaming about her. Ashaya is fascinated by him as well. I enjoyed the little quotes from Ashaya's journal and misc letters, messages to her/regarding Dorian at the beginning of most chapters.Ashaya's son, Kennan, was taken by the Psy Council to make sure she cooperated. Now, she's ready to escape and has asked the DarkRiver pack to help rescue her son.The more the story goes on, the more mates brought into the DR web of stars, the more interesting the overall story gets, IMHO. I like how the other characters always play a part in the resolution in each story, assisting the pack and protecting them at all costs.The Psy Council continues to fracture and the stability, or lack there of, of the Psy population is becoming more of an issue as the battle draws nearer. The humans have come out to play now as well. I'm interested to read Branded by Fire to see how Mercy relieves her sexual frustration now that the last male in the pack with the same or stronger dominance as her is now mated. Seems she has the hots for one of the SnowDancer pack. :p