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Dark Kiss Of The Reaper

Dark Kiss Of The Reaper - Kristen Painter Dark Kiss of the Reaper was a nice introduction into a present day world that has not one, but three Reapers. I have read about the three Fates (the Virgin, the Mother, & the Crone) in other books, but never three Reapers. I liked this new spin on Death. These three are brothers, but while two of them have "known the pleasures" of women, Azrael, our Hero, has not. Seems he's been a nose-to-the-grindstone kinda boy and simply focuses on his work. All of that changes when, while at the hospital to reap a soul, he's seen by a mortal. Sara, an oncology ward secretary, can see Azrael. Initially she thinks him to be a singing telegram because who else would be dressed in such a getup. But, as she reaches him at a patient's bedside, they are both surprised - Azrael because Sara can see him when no human (other than those being reaped) should and Sara because she thinks she just witnessed a murder.* Azrael is the Reaper of Mercy. He reaps the souls of those "that are ready and deserving of a merciful death." * Chronos is the Timekeeper. He reaps the souls of those "who've reached their allotted end but have earned no special consideration or condemnation."* Kol is a Thresher, "the deadliest kind of reaper", who "culls the souls of that no longer deserve a mortal existence." The Reapers' world was very interesting to me and I enjoyed the boys' characters.. I especially liked the idea that, I'm guessing based on what Kristen shares or hints to, the boys will forever hear (or feel or sense, not sure which) the souls of those they reap. Which would explain Kol's tormented, fuck the world attitude. He reaps the worst sorts, has to listen to them screaming for eternity .. yeah, that'd make me a bit grumpy too. Like any good book-boyfriend-ho, I was more drawn to the boys and their story. Sara, the heroine, not so much. I feel like I should be embarrassed to say that the issues I had with her character are RL-based. I realize how silly that is because this is a PNR and I've already accepted Azrael and his Reaper brothers. But, her character is living in today's world, so she gets judged on her actions and reactions as if she were in my world. {Warning: Don't open this spoiler unless you either read the book or don't mind being spoiled.} So, why don't I like Sara? Is it that she was lucky enough to be Azrael's first-everything? NO! Honest! Though, admittedly, that did make me quite jealous. Here are my reasons:(1) She spends hours upon hours (she's described throughout the book as a workaholic) on the oncology ward and she does not realize that her persistent headaches are a sign of a problem? More than just lack of caffeine? Not buying it. I'm a caffeine addict, have been for eons and I can honestly say that I know the difference between a caffeine headache and something more major. (2) She's described to us as struggling to get over her crap-assed ex-husband. He's not paying alimony as ordered by the court, so she works two jobs, practically all day every day, just to afford her rent, and basic essentials.When she meets Azrael, he's instantly head over heels for her. She's leary initially of his proclamation. He's a virgin - to everything - and she's, well, not. She's in lust, certainly, but wants to take things slowly. When he insists that, as her man in her life, he must take care of her and support her she reacts, almost aggressively, against the idea. Okay, I can buy that. She's been hurt by an ass and doesn't want to go down that "depend on me for everything then I'll boot your ass to the curb" road again. Sure. He even asks her to marry him. (So cute in all his excitement) But, she stands strong and questions how that could possibly work - Reaper from the Underworld and a Human. He tries to reassure her that it'd work, he'd do anything to make sure it worked. Yet, she's still hesitant. Up til now, she's stayed fairly consistent .... then, POOF! Within several paragraphs she's gone from "Hold up, Buddy, lemme think a minute" to "Yes. I'll marry you." And, hey, not just "I'll marry you. Let's start planning the wedding." But, she agrees to run off to Vegas to get married now. Then, the "old" Sara is gone and the "Yes, thank you, I'll take the world on a platter, quit my job(s), let you build/buy/create me a house, wear those million $ clothes and jewels, whatever you want, darling" takes her place. WTH? Sorry, but that just didn't work for me. Because of Sara, I wobbled on how to rate this one. I decided on 3★ because I didn't completely dislike the story or characters, but I'm not celebrating it on the hilltops either.Nevertheless, I did enjoy the Reapers and their world that Kristen created. If this were to be a series, I'd read the Reaper brother's books because I'd love to learn more about them.