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The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty (Sleeping Beauty Series #1)

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty - Anne Rice, A.N. Roquelaure This story is not for those who shy away from anything remotely sexual. Hopefully the small writing "The First of the Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty" would have caught your eye and stayed your hand, if so. The title and series name can lead many to mistake this as a "simple" retelling of Sleeping Beauty when it's more of an NC-17 retelling. The story holds TPE tales of BDSM, M/M, F/F, voyeurism, humiliation ... you name it, it's probably there. The idea of "letting go and you'll be free" resonated throughout, although I don't know that I'll do my "letting go" in the ways that Beauty does during her time at the castle. Non-SSC (safe, sane and consensual) S&M stories are not my favorite, admittedly.I completely understand how this book has ended up on GR Members' "The Worst Books of All Time" list while also appearing on a "Favorite Erotic Romance" list, however it's neither for me.