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Rises the Night (Gardella Vampire Chronicles, #2)

Rises the Night - Colleen Gleason Rises the Night picks up one year after The Rest Falls Away left off. Victoria is mourning the loss of Phillip. Now she must resume her fight against vampires. She's anxious to kill and release some of her anger for what happened with Phillip, but she cannot find any vampires. Her aunt hasn't heard from Max in over 8 months and is beginning to worry about what has happened to him. Sebastian is also MIA since the battle at the Silver Chalice. Victoria must now stop the son of Lilith, Nedas. Again, the ending was enough to make me jump on to the next book, The Bleeding Dusk to find out what happens next to Victoria and the two men in her life.Each book, so far, has had a major "WOW, WTF?!" moment (or two) that continues to keep me intrigued. [Format Read: eBook]