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Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark, #1)

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark, #1) - Gena Showalter Wicked Nights is the first book in Gena's new Lords of the Underworld spin-off featuring the warrior angels. Although this is a spin-off of that series, those who have not read (or completed) the Lords will not be lost when reading this book. Gena's set the stage as if all who read the book are new to the world and the characters in it. So, never fear, the coast is clear! To avoid any spoilers, I am just sharing my thoughts, not major deets on the story itself.The first time Zacharel is introduced to Lords readers in book #7, The Darkest Secret, he's intriguing enough to pique your interest. He's described as a warrior angel who has "Black hair in perfect order, emerald eyes devoid of all emotion {with} white-and-gold wings." When dealing with the Lords he's blunt, always truthful, and "emotionless". Then, at the end of The Darkest Secret we learn that Zacharel gave Haidee a "piece of Love" to help save her. Haidee described it to Amun this way:Apparently there are several keepers of the more overwhelming emotions, and he was keeping his portion of Love in a jar on his nightstand. Weirdest thing I'd ever seen. It was kinda like his personal Pandora's box, but a treasure chest rather than a prison. He said he wasn't using it, and that I was welcome to a pinch of it. A few of his angel friends were upset about it, and I heard them say it would cause some problems for him ..." Of course, we now know that it wasn't a random stash of Love, but the best of his brother's essence he kept in the urn on his nightstand. The "problem for him" ... I'm not really sure since it didn't seem to cause any problems that we discovered in this book, but maybe in a future installment? Plus, which "angel friends" is she talking about here, ya think? In this book (Wicked Nights), she makes it clear that in the beginning of the story Zacharel was not close to any of the other warrior angels. While some of them are friends with each other, they typically rebel against him even when fighting along side him. Think she's referring to Lysander? He's seen again in other Lords installments: The Darkest Surrender and again in The Darkest Seduction where we learned more about him. In The Darkest Seduction, I found him more interesting and wanted more, so I was thrilled when I saw Gena was starting a new series about the warrior angels and his book would be first.I felt Annabelle was perfect for Zacharel. Her strong spirit and refusal to back down gave her the tools necessary to shatter Zacharel and his icy exterior. I've highlighted so many passages throughout this book that my review would never fit in the allotted space here, but you can read some of my favorite quotes, which I shared as I made updates while reading. Additionally, the nicknames Anna and Thane gave to Zacharel in this book closely rivaled those Kate gave Curran (Ilona & Gordon's Kate Daniels series). Nicknames for Zacharel:(Said by Thane to irritate Zacharel)❦ Majesty❦ Lord of Us❦ Leader of the Supremely Unworthy❦ Magnificent King❦ Glorious King / Glorious Leader(Said by Anna to poke fun at Zacharel)❦ Winged Wonder❦ ZachieI was thrilled that Gena gave us some back-story on those closest to Zacharel in rank: Koldo, Thanus, Bjorn & Xerxes. They each have horrific shared pasts that have bonded them in unique ways. I am extremely anxious to read their stories in future installments. Their mates will need to be equally strong - should be fun reads. Koldo's story is up next and I can already tell it's gonna be an emotional ride. [Next book: BEAUTY AWAKENED]