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Hunter of Shadows

Hunter of Shadows - Nancy Gideon I wasn't sure what to expect in Hunter of Shadows, the first semi-spin-off in Gideon's Moonlight series. I've grown to love Charlotte and Max, the focus of the first four books, and while I found Silas interesting, I wasn't sure he could carry the story. Of course, Gideon proved me wrong. I really enjoy her writing style and the were lore she's created with this series. This was certainly not my favorite of the series, but it reassured me that even if Charlotte and Max are now side characters I will continue to enjoy the series. In Hunter of Shadows, Detective Silas MacCreedy, who we met in Bound by Moonlight is on a mission. Tragedy in his past has led him to New Orleans where he hopes to "secure his clan’s place once again in the Shifter hierarchy". His plans become cloudy when he "rescues" (Mo)Nica Fraser, a childhood friend of Charlotte's, one night. He quickly learns that Nica, an assassin with a mission of her own, is more than capable of taking care of herself. The sparks he feels when she kisses her "hero" make him remember his sister's words about mates. The romance between these two was not romantic, but rather fierce and wild, which was fitting considering their personalities. Charlotte and Max Savoie were side characters and I was happy to see them. I hope they continue to play a part in each of the following installments. I am anxious for #6, Seeker of Shadows, due out in June, which will feature Jacques, the shifter bar owner.