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Angels' Flight (Angels' Pawn #0.5, Angels' Judgment #1.5, Angel's Wolf #4.5, Angels' Dance #4.75)

Angels' Flight (Angels' Pawn #0.5, Angels' Judgment #1.5, Angel's Wolf #4.5, Angels' Dance #4.75) - Nalini Singh I love the darkness to the vamps and angels in this series. They are not your "Oh, I wanna be one of them" kinda supes. You are drawn to them, their beauty, their abilities, but they also have a freak factor that keeps you (or at least me) from wishing you could be one of them. The whole 100-yr obligation to some of these angels creeps me out. Definitely a risk maybe better skipped. Although ... if you could find just the right angel ... ;)This anthology contains shorts that will entice you to read the whole series and, if you already have, it will fill in some blanks.Angels' Pawn (#0.5) {Also sold as a single novella: Angels' Pawn}Features Ashwini, Elena's friend and one of the Guild Hunters, and Javier, a vampire who Ash has been tasked with tracking on several different occasions. In this short, however, they work together. Great getting some more insight into their relationship. The sexy Cajan and the kick-ass Huntress make a great pair. (Rating: 4★)Angels' Judgement (#1.5)Features Sara, Elena's BFF and now Guild Director, and Deacon, Slayer and Weapons master. I love these two together! This short gives readers some background on Deacon, as the Guild's Internal Affairs (sort of) Slayer. It also gives us a look at Sara's decision to take the Guild Director position. (Rating: 3★)Angel's Wolf (#4.5)Features the Nimra, Louisiana territory holder/Angel, and Noel, one of Raphael's vampires. Noel has been sent to help/watch Nimra. He's none to pleased initially, but when he begins to feel something for her, after believing his abuse broke his chance at love, he's surprised and remains at her side. Nimra is one of those Angels with a heart. She is good to those around her, sometimes to her detriment. (Rating: 3.5★)Angels' Dance (#4.75)Features Jessamy, the very old teacher/historian/grounded (b/c of a lame wing) Angel, and Galen, the warrior Angel. This short is chock full of tidbits that fans will love. We learn more about Jessamy's lame wing, Galen's enormous heart, the origin of Illium's "Bluebell" nickname and his love of a human, Raphael as a boy, and a bit more of Jason, the secretive spy Angel. Jessamy and Galen's story was my favorite by far. Galen is huge and gruff, but his love for Jessamy is felt throughout their story. I loved the Galen's interaction with her school children as well. It was also great to see Jessamy's transition into a stronger woman. Though, she's never thought of ending her life, and she's VERY old, she is finally able to realize that her lame wing is not reason to cut herself off from others. (Rating: 5+★)