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Blood Bound (Unbound Novel)

Blood Bound (Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent Blood Bound has a very interesting premise ~ characters are bound to one another for different purposes based on their abilities, their oaths, etc. Once bound they cannot refuse the one they are bound to and, in some cases, that means they cannot speak of certain things either. It makes for a very tricky situation when a friend from Liv's past asks for her help finding her husband's murderer. I liked Liv. But, I really liked Cam, Liv's ex-boyfriend. I also enjoyed the many different types of paranormal humans in the story. Rachel's created a world with Jammers, Trackers, Binders, Seers, Travelers and more. I'd LOVE to be a Traveler, they can travel the shadows, popping from one shadow (anywhere) to another. That'd be wicked!There were points in the beginning of the story where I found my mind wandering instead of listening (audiobook). But, eventually, once I learned more about the world, the history of the characters, and adapted to the first person POV (told in alternation between Liv and Cam), I found myself more and more interested in what would happen next. (Rating: 3.5★)I'm glad book 2, Shadow Bound, is due out soon because, after the decisions made in the end, I'm very interested to find out what happens next.