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Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison We first met Grace and Khalil in Serpent's Kiss when Carling and Rune showed up seeking the Oracle. Khalil, a powerful Djinn, once concerned with the balance of favors (owned and owed), now finds himself concerned about the children in Grace's care, and eventually Grace herself. Grace, now the guardian of her niece and nephew, is struggling to make ends meet while raising the two darlings. She is also trying to get a handle on her new Oracle powers, passed down to her when her sister died.After reading the snippet in the previous book, I knew that these two would be a fun pairing. But, I didn't expect to enjoy the story as much as I did. I was more into the story of Grace and Khalil, than the mystery, but that was interesting as well. The children were adorable, esp little Chloe. I loved watching Khalil change throughout the book; it was very touching. I really enjoy this series and can't wait for the next book later this year. I couldn't resist the snippet at the end of OM and it's got my interest piqued!