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Devil Without a Cause

Devil Without a Cause - Terri Garey Devil Without a Cause introduces us to Finn Payne, a rock star who's success is due to a ring and a deal with the Devil; Faith McFarland, a single mother who is caring for her son, who has a brain tumor; and reintroduces fans of Terri's Nicki Styx series with the Devil himself, Samael, the Fallen (AKA: His Satanic Majesty, Son of Morning, Prince of Darkness, Lord of the Underworld, etc, etc, etc). The lives of these three collide when Gabrielle comes to Sam(my B. Divine) with "a chance for redemption. A chance to show the One that {he} regrets {his} disobedience, that {he} still wants forgiveness." He's still sore over the whole Eve (Lilith) fiasco. The offer, made by Gabrielle, is to help a mortal woman (Faith) who needs guidance. Sammy takes him up on the offer, but twists it to fit his agenda, no surprise there - he is the Father of Lies, after all. He decides to kill two birds with one stone. See, Sammy desperately wants Finn's ring back. Finn hasn't succumb to the pressures of the Ring of Chaos, as the wearers before him have, and has instead survived 20 years. Sammy will get Finn's soul once he loses the ring, but Sammy cannot take it from him. He also sees this "chance" as an opportunity to gather another soul - again, why not? So, he offers to save Faith's son, cure his cancer, if she seduces Finn, steals the ring, brings it him and he gets her soul when she dies. What would you do to save the life of your son? What about the life of the man you think you might love? The despicable idea of seducing a man and spending eternity in Hell present challenges for Faith, but things get confusing for her when Finn does whatever necessary to stop her from handing over his ring.This was a very quick read for me. I enjoyed it much more than I was expecting. Even though Finn and Faith's story should've been the spotlight, Sammy really made the book for me. He's a hoot. He's experiencing some changes in his life that he never expected and is still trying to let go of his mortal love, Nicki, who has married and moved on. That said, I did enjoy Faith and Finn. I connected a bit more with Finn, but Faith's desire to save her son at all costs is certainly one that pulls at the heartstrings. I look forward to starting book 2, A Devil Named Desire later tonight.