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My Subby Valentine

My Subby Valentine - Amber Kell The recent tragedy in Mase's past has him wondering if he'll ever take on another sub. But, when Kit, a new sub, loses a dare and is forced to approach the big bad Dom at the club, Mase can't help but be attracted to Kit's innocence. Innocent he may be, but completely submissive he is not; Kit goes after what he wants even when he is stalked because of Mase's past.The story would have been 10x better if it had been 5x longer. Though the relationship between these two was sweet, the length of the story didn't allow for Mase's resistance to be slowly broken down by the charming and funny Kit. Similarly, the who-done-it stalker mystery was a great touch, but with little more than 59 pages all it did was push the two together that much faster. All of those reasons make it difficult to rate this tasty little morsel. Think of it as ONE chocolate chip instead of the whole cookie, or even the bag of cookies, which would'a been even sweeter. I'll go with 3★ because I'm hopped up on Valentine's Day candy from my own sweetheart. I wish I may, I wish I might ~ I wish the story had been longer and I wish I had realized My Subby Valentine present was only 59 pages before I spent $4 for it. My Slutty Valentine, which is free through Valentine's Day @ Amazon, is another option, but the synopsis reads like a porn box; not exactly the tender love story I was looking for on this Valentine's Day.