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The Naughty List

The Naughty List - Jodi Redford When Lacey accidentally emails her The Naughty List, created one drunken night, to her two business partners/long-time friends things heat up quick. (I'm sure if she knew that all it would take to turn their fifteen year friendship and lustfest into a threesome she would've created her list sooner!) Of course, her two besties are super hot and have been in love with her for many years. The thought of being able to share her instead of her choosing only one of them is a dream come true for these two. Not only that, but these two hunks of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate are the best of buds and have already experienced a threesome with a no-name in the past; this makes it even easier for them to imagine Lacey in their bed. So, when they get Lacey's "oopsy, you weren't supposed to get that" email, they desperately want to believe that this isn't another of her forwarded joke emails, but rather a green light to take the relationship further. This story was a quick, hot (not scorching, but hot enough to quickly melt away the winter chill at Christmastime) read. I will try to remember this one when I need a pick-me-up each Christmas. This was also my first read by Jodi Redford. I will have to hunt down some of her other books to see if they are just as much fun. I really liked her characters. She did a great job of creating a hot story with characters who struggle with their desire to keep their friendship strong, their new relationship more than just a fling, and their dream a constant reality.Off to contemplate my own naughty list ... >:)