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Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress Series #4)

Destined for an Early Grave - Jeaniene Frost Duplicate Listing 1st read: 1 Aug 2009Re-read: 15 Feb 2011As always, Jeaniene Frost never fails to keep me entertained. There are fantastic quotes throughout, as with all her books, Cat-fights, Bare-Bones, and Vlad. ;)I found myself more interested in Spade, Mencheres, and Vlad this time, most likely due to their books/appearances in her spin-off Night Huntress World books.I'm SO excited to read more about Vlad. He is quickly becoming one of my favorites in this series. Cat & Bones are finding that relationships, even theirs, are not always sunshine and rainbows. They fight and fight a LOT. (A bit too much -of the book- for my liking) And, more than ever, I would love more from Bones' POV. Mencheres has kept a secret, a big one, one that Cat now finds herself haunted by every time she sleeps. Can she stay awake long enough to keep those she loves safe and keep the man that she loves?I was a bit frustrated this go 'round w/the fights and let-down make up. I know we're only getting Cat's perspective, but there were too many pages of her "woah-is-me, it's all my fault", I wanted Bones' feelings about the fighting and comments he'd made. I also was a bit let down by the quickie resolution to it all. Dunno, I kinda expected more there, even though, as I was reading it again, I knew I wouldn't get it. It didn't seem to bother me the first go 'round, probably b/c I was distraught thinking they'd break up, which I don't/didn't want. I was more in love with Vlad this go 'round. SO happy she's said he's getting his own book(s). YAY! I also liked Justina more in this one, was so sad for her, even though I knew Rodney was going to die and she'd be turned. Poor Cat! LOL! I can't imagine an eternity with mom around. :) I should probably reduce my rating to 4★ following my re-read, but for some reason, I guess my overall love of this series and the author's books, I just can't make myself do it. I am very much looking forward to [b:This Side of the Grave!