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Slave to Sensation (Psy/Changeling Novels)

Slave to Sensation  - Nalini Singh, Angela Dawe Duplicate Listing 1st read: 12 Nov 2009Re-read: 20 Jan 2012 I listened the audiobook for this re-read and really enjoyed it. The narrator, Angela Dawe, did a great job with all the different characters' voices; the Psy especially, making them sound devoid of feeling. And, the changelings ... hubba hubba. The story was just as hot and complex as it was when I read the book over two years ago.I am really enjoying listening to the books and look forward to starting book 2, [b:Visions of Heat next. It continues to amaze me how Nalini is able to keep track of all the minute things happening in this amazing world. She does a wonderful job of continuing the thread of not only the things happening within each of the changeling packs, but also the political sides of the story that are just as intriguing.