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When He Was Bad

When He Was Bad - Cynthia Eden, Shelly Laurenston Note: My 4★ rating is for Shelly's story onlyWhen He Was Bad includes two stories. The first is Shelly Laurenston's Miss Congeniality and the second is Cynthia Eden's Wicked Ways. Miss Congeniality tells the story of Irene Conridge, a scientist who's no fan of sex. But, she's got a big fan, Van Holtz. And, he takes every opportunity to torment her (for the last seven years! Talk about persistence. ;) "I'm convinced you believe I'm a virgin and all this time you've been hoping to defile me." Irene is the professor Miki met in Go Fetch!. She's familiar with shifters and knows how important it is to keep their secret. She's been living with her BFF, She-jackal Jaqueline, since she was thirteen. Niles Van Holtz, a devilishly handsome lady's man, can't believe the load of BS his parents spread about mates. "The idea that biting a female made her yours forever to the exclusion of every other pussy available seemed beyond ridiculous."Irene and Van make a great pair. They cracked me up with their sexual banter, sexual tension and squabbles. It was fun reading a story set in the '80s. Brought back some fun memories. :DI have so enjoyed Shelly's Pack series and am looking forward to starting Pride soon. Meooow! >;)(I DNF Cynthia Eden's story.)Some favorite quotes/scenes:"Van had to try really hard not to laugh. To be honest, he didn't know a colder woman on the planet. Female cavewomen who had been frozen in blocks of ice for millions of years were warmer than Irene. And yet ... he simply couldn't leave her alone."Irene meets Van's uncles, Verner and Volker. Van invites her to join the family in a "friendly" game of Risk. Irene shook her head. "I don't think you want to do that, sir.""I don't?" Verner questioned."You don't. Perhaps Monopoly or Life.""Are you afraid?" Volker questioned."No. But I have incredible luck with dice and I am ruthless. You will lose, gentlemen. I will destroy your lands, take your women, ravish your men, and make your children my slave labor. I will own every castle, house, and farm that is within my reach. I won't be satisfied until I own all of it and you. I will destroy you all, gentlemen, and, to be quite blunt, I don't think you can handle it."