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Hidden Embers (Dragons Heat Series #2)

Hidden Embers - Tessa Adams At the beginning of Hidden Embers, Quinn, the clan's healer, is hangin' by a thread. "Four hundred and seventy-one years. He closed his eyes, leaned his head against the cool glass. And wondered how he was supposed to survive another four hundred years. How was he supposed to survive another day ..." Readers will fall in love with Quinn in this installment of Tessa's Dragon's Heat series, if they didn't already in Dark Embers. The Dragonstar clan is facing a horrendous disease that continues to kill. There is a 100% fatality rate and Quinn can't determine the cause, find a cure or stop his friends from dying. That and "His lover is dead, and while he hadn't mated with Cecily, he had cared deeply for her." He's lost a lot and he is reaching the end of his rope. What's a dragon to do? Head to a bar where you can be anonymous and grab a drink. Sounds silly, but hey, it's better than the alternative. While at the bar, he meets Jazz. Though it's not something they normally do, they hook up for a hot one-nighter. Only ... surprise! Jasmine Kane is the hemotologist called in by Dylan's mate, Phoebe to help crack this mysterious disease plaguing the clan.The two go through a lot of 'Gee, I just love swimming in this river, what's it called again? Oh yeah, Denial!' And, while I didn't love this pairing initially, they grew on me. This series is a favorite of mine because Tessa (1) makes me truly feel the pain of the Dragonstar clan's losses and (2) creates some great dragon magic. ;)