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Etched in Bone (The Maker's Song)

Etched in Bone (The Maker's Song) - Adrian Phoenix Wow! Where to start? First, this series really has to be read in order. You'll definitely need to establish your "Maker's Song" decoder ring and input all the creole and names throughout so you can keep up with who's doin' what to who where. The glossary at the front is handy, when reading a DTB, but for those of us digi-readers, it's not a lot of fun. Eventually I gave up scrolling back and forth and just went for it, sometimes making up my own meanings for the words. Second, I was exhausted after reading this one. The perspective is all over the place and the story jumps back and forth. My heart breaks for Dante a bit more with each installment. That being said, I just can't seem to get enough of these characters. The story picks up where Beneath the Skin left off. But, we're thrown into a flashforward and then work our way back from present to that point. All along the way holding our breath to see if the events will change the ending. I viewed this installment of the series as more of a filler or "here's what you should know before moving forward" kinda book. Dante and Heather continue to be a strong pair. I love how they support each other equally, one doesn't need or take more than the other. They are hunted by ... just about everyone and thing, Dante more so. She tries to protect him from everyone and himself. I hope they will one day find the peace they deserve. The characters are definitely what keeping me coming back for more. In addition to Dante and Heather, I love Lucien and Von. There is always something terrible happening, so it's not a series to pick up if you're unprepared for the dark delights it has to offer.The ending leaves us all hanging on a cliff. And at the bottom? Can't wait until January to find out! Book #5, On Midnight Wings is scheduled for a 31 Jan 2012 release.