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Betrayals (Strange Angels)

Betrayals - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow In Betrayals, Dru and Graves are living Schola. She's irritated when they put her in the entry level classes. She's special and they are trying to protecting her. Christophe believes there is a mole in the Order and her safety is at risk. But, he promised they'd be training her and they aren't. She could care less about school - there are more important things to worry about, in her opinion. On the flip side, Graves is rockin' Schola. He's learning to fight, control his loup-garou skills, and he's part of the cool kids group. Christophe continues to be a very interesting character. We learned more about him in this one and I'm anxious to learn even more. All the different types of supes can be a bit difficult to track, but love the variety and learning more about their abilities and history as the series progresses. I really enjoy this series. It's a fun, quick read. The ending to this one was a bit abrupt. I look forward to continuing the series.