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Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood Series #6)

Lover Enshrined - J.R. Ward Lover Enshrined was unlike previous BDB books in that (1) most of the other brothers/shellans had only a short or no appearance; (2) young brothers Quinn/Blay/John had a lot of things happen in their lives, bringing them closer together (in many different ways) and into the war; (3) it was like a Book of Revelations (more history on/insight into the lives of Rehv, John, Phury, Quinn, Blay, and Cormia). Phury's struggle with his "wizard" was sad, but understandable considering how long he's been battling with his addiction. The back and forth between he and Cormia was at times frustrating but rewarding at others. This book, for me, definitely made me even more interested in the series and where it will be going in the future. The reveal of the Omega's son wasn't a huge surprise, but definitely added to the story. Looking forward to moving onto Lover Avenged, Rehv's story.