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Hunters & Prey

Hunters & Prey - Katie Salidas Hunters & Prey picks up (we have to assume) shortly after Immortalis Carpe Noctem left off ~ Post-Kallisto & Acta Sanctorum-battle with Alyssa continuing to struggle between her need for blood and having to kill her victims to keep her existence a secret.Alyssa, while being followed by someone her clan isn't even sure is alive, seeks shelter in a cafe where she runs into her best friend, Fallon. Fallon hasn't seen Alyssa in a while. Once she starts asking questions she shouldn't know the answer to she finds herself sucked into a world she didn't know existed.I rated this book of the Immortalis series 1/2 a ★ higher than the first. For me, this series takes me back to some of the first vampire novels I read where vamps don't sparkle, they kill. The world Katie creates for us with this series is dark and, you're not being paranoid, there are people after you. I enjoyed the twist of fate for Santino Vitale, the Acta Sanctorum's most fearsome hunter. He continues to be a favorite character of mine. For those reasons, I found this books slightly more enjoyable than the first.However, there are a few things that didn't work for me. The first is an issue that I battle with when reading many "they don't know we exist" paranormal/UF books. Some characters seem to be awfully accepting once they discover the things they feared in the dark really do exist. While I have no idea how I'd accept something similar and admit it must be hard to write about such an experience, I don't always find the character's reactions or acceptance believable. That aside, Fallon is a likable character and I'll be interested to see how their friendship changes in future books in the series. The second issue I have is while Alyssa is trying to find a way to feed without killing, she continues to feast on those that "are criminals". But, does she have much to back that up before diggin' in? I don't think so. She doesn't want to kill humans, but doesn't mind chompin' down on someone she thinks is about to or has committed a criminal act. I'm hoping to see some growth in Alyssa's character in the next book. Time to put her big girl britches on.**Review also posted @ Smashwords and scheduled to post to my blog, Random Musings Sun, 12 Jun.