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Outside In (Inside Out Series)

Outside In - Maria V. Snyder Outside In picks up six weeks post-Force of Sheep rebellion which occurred in Inside Out. Trella, used to being the Queen of the Pipes and now seen as victorious leader of the rebellion, is doing all she can to avoid any responsibility, most importantly aftermath clean up and reorganization of the Insiders. The Insiders, now a combination of Uppers and Scrubs, find themselves under control once again. But, this time, instead of Pop Cops and the Travas, there's a Committee - "comprised of one representative from each of the nine upper families and one leader from each scrub area like hydroponics and waste-water. Eighteen in all. Since an even number could cause problems when members voted, a nineteenth spokesperson had been added." They'd wanted that person to Trella, but she refused, taking position of Consultant. Jacy filled the nineteenth spot.Despite Trella's hopes that the creation of the Committee would solve the problems faced by the Insiders, people remained resistant to them. Scrubs eventually stopped doing their jobs because Uppers refused to get their hands dirty and help out. Chaos was not far behind.In Inside Out, Trella and all those Inside discovered they were all in a metal cube traveling through Outer Space. They had hoped, when they found a "way out", they'd be walking into an entirely different Outside. The Outside they imagined had a "big green carpet under {a} huge blue ceiling". Instead, Trella's best friend, Cogan, was sucked into Outer Space while saving Trella from the same fate.In Outside In, the Insiders believe their systems Controllers are threatening their world, but face a much greater enemy. Outsiders, from space, board their ship and begin to forcefully attempt to retake that which they believe to be their home, stolen from them when they were exiled years ago.Trella's world continues to change throughout the book. Her physical world is growing. They've discovered levels above those where they've spent their lives. They are trying to remodel them to accommodate all the Insiders in a more comfortable, spacious setting. Her personal life is changing as well. Her relationship with Riley is growing; Dr. Lamont, who believes Trella's her long-lost daughter, tries to prove that she is on Trella's side; and Trella must realize that she needs to step up if she wants things to work Inside.With every turn of the page, you question, along with Trella, the loyalty of those in her life. The lines are blurred as she becomes a leader once again. For the first 1/2 of the book, readers who fell in love with Trella's quick thinking and do-or-die-trying attitude will be disappointed to find her avoiding everything. But, once Trella realizes that she is in fact needed and can help, she accepts the challenge with the gusto and persistence we've come to expect from her.The relationship between Trella and Riley was one that you could relate to easily. Their feelings for each other and their attraction was more evident in this edition. Though the story remains PG-rated, they had some hot warm new love moments. The ups and downs they faced and their reactions to them were realistic, even if frustrating at times.I really enjoyed this addition to the series. I'm hopeful that the series will continue, there are still questions left unanswered. However, the ending did wrap up much of the story which leads me to wonder if it will be a duology instead. Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for allowing me the opportunity to read this ARC.