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Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8)

Lover Mine - J.R. Ward Read Excerpt @ 4/11/10 - John & Xhex's Story - can't wait for the book release! "Xhex's name was in his skin. Ever a part of him. 'Til dead did his flesh decay off his bones."Lover Mine ... how to review this book honestly without (too many) spoilers ...The Hallelujahs: † Qhuinn realizes his feelings for Blay (when will they get their book?!)* Peeks into Quay relationship, but ... MORE, please! * Qhuinn's bonding scent makes an appearance * He gets all dumpy, grumpy when Blay "flirts" with another male† Z opens up to JM about (a hint into) his past and the reason Wrath had them spend time together † JM gets a shellan he deserves * He's been such a favorite of mine throughout the past several books that I hope he doesn't drift into the far, far background in the future * I wasn't sure he was really ready for a mate, but the way things played out (between him and Xhex & their pasts) made it feel right in the end† Payne ... becomes a bigger part of the story (Ugh, a no-spoilers-review is hard for this book! LOL)† When Lash starts to get some of his comeupins (Brahahahaha!)The Poo-Poo on You:† Muhrder's appearance is drowned out by the, at times annoying, side story of a haunted house and a TV Paranormal hunter-ish couple ... blah blah blah ... * REALLY would've preferred more to his story, less of them† As with every story, even though I know they are the Brothers' enemy and the story was more important overall in this book, the lessers' bits throughout were ones I could've done without * I did, however, REALLY enjoy Lash's bits ... Pun intended - LOL ... plop, plopFavorite Quotes:(There were more, but these are the ones where I was near my computer when listening to the book and had a chance to make note of them)Xhex thought ... "In the heat of her meltdown they had been fused together ...""Amazing, John thought as he stood behind Xhex.If you looked down at your cock and balls and told them that if they behaved badly you would slice them up and bury them in the backyard, the actually listen to you.He was going to have to remember this.""He had to keep his ass pressed close to the cool tile to make sure Mr. Bright Idea & his twin side kicks stayed away from her."Xhex to JM ... "You're not half the male you could be because of what was done to you. You're twice what anyone else is because you survived.""She was his missing puzzle piece, the twelfth in his dozen, the first and the last pages of his book and at some level, that was all he needed."[Format Read: Audiobook]