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Hex Appeal

Hex Appeal - Linda Wisdom Hex Appeal is the 2nd book in the Jazz Tremaine series. So, some series spoilers may exist.Reading Order:50 Ways to Hex Your Lover [bc:Hex Appeal|3475054|Hex Appeal (Jazz Tremaine, #2)|Linda Wisdom|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51JY2bDYuNL._SL75_.jpg|3516372]Hex Appeal finds Jazz and Nick living happily together. But, when Jazz dreams that Nick bit her and drank her blood, which is harmful to vamps, she is devastated. Nick, finding himself being woken up by Jazz yelling at him for it, is completely confused. He didn't bite her, there are no wounds on her neck, yet she feels like it was real.When her "fuzzy" slippers, Fluff and Puff, are accused of eating a were-weasel, Jazz sets off to prove their innocence. All the while, Jazz continues to have freaky dreams. After initially thinking Jazz was over-reacting to her dreams, Nick confesses that he too is suffering from bad ones as well. Together they try to figure out who's twisting with their dreams into nightmares.While I find myself laughing out loud a lot and enjoy spending time in the zany California Wisdom has created, I don't LOVE these books. I do enjoy them quite a bit and liked this one a bit more than the first. Mainly because it gave us more of Nick, who you can't help but like. I also like her techie, roomie Krebs. I'll be continuing on with the series.