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Poison Study (Study, #1)

Poison Study  - Maria V. Snyder Poison Study is the unique beginning to the Study series. We are sucked into Yelena's dystopian world and left wanting more in the end. She is a strong heroine, one you instantly like. After being charged with murder, she's offered a choice of dying by hanging or becoming the food taster for the Commander. Valek, Security Chief, is in charge of training her. Only, Yelena's training can be deadly, as she's to learn how to detect any and all poisons within the Commander's food.The story was full of mystery and intrigue. Taking us so deep into Yelena's world, her work and her friendships that you find yourself right there with her. I was bullied (ha! J/K) into starting this series and I'm happy I did. I will most definitely read the remaining books of the trilogy: Magic Study. I look forward to continuing this series and moving onto the spin-off series Glass. Ms. Snyder has created a wonderfully elaborate world I'll enjoy revisiting.