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Dark Embers (Dragons Heat Series #1)

Dark Embers - Tessa Adams Dark Embers was a great intro into a hot, new dragon-shifter series. I loved it! Part of it was a bit predictable, so that kept it from being a full 5★s for me, but otherwise it was a deliciously sexy read. We are introduced to bio-chemist Phoebe Quillum who is working hard to find a cure for lupus, the disease that took her mother and sister. But, Harvard has just notified her that they are having to cut back, her grant is ending. In New Mexico, Prince Dylan MacLeod, the last pure-blood dragon-shifters, and ruler of a dying race, the Dragonstar clan, is on the prowl for his mate. He's bedded just about every dragon female to no avail. He is beginning to see this as just one more way he will fail his people. His clan has been dying off, more recently than ever, for the past 10 years from some kind of virus they cannot stop. They become ill, then paralyzed and finally bleed out. When his sister falls ill and dies, he's determined to think out of the box. He tracks down Phoebe at Harvard and offers her $3 million to come back to NM with him to stop this disease that's killing his people. She can immediately tell that there's more to the story. But, not having anything keeping her at Harvard, she agrees to go with him. The scientist in her cannot resist the challenge he's offered her.I loved this story. The H/h were such that you could immediately relate to them and their struggle to stop the deaths of the dragon-shifters was something you easily find yourself cheering for throughout. The deaths of Dylan's people is such an awful way to die, you feel for him and those closest to them whenever one of them dies. The relationship between Dylan and Phoebe was hot, hot, hot. They grate on each other, challenge each other, and help each other in ways that make them a perfect match. The side characters are all interesting as well. I look forward to reading book #2, Hidden Embers, which comes out in Apr 2011 and tells Quinn's story.