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Dark Peril (Carpathians, #21)

Dark Peril (Carpathians, #21) - Christine Feehan Dark Peril is the 21st installment of the Carpathians series. This series is like comfort food. After so many you know what to expect, but you still come back for more. In this one, Dominic, the ancient of the royal dragonseeker line, has infected himself with the parasitic vampire blood in order to infiltrate the enemy camp. He is having visions or dreams of his mate, but is convinced that he's missed out, reaching the point of having to turn or kill himself. So, he's going to go out a hero for his people. While fighting in the jungles of South America, he comes across Solange, the jaguar princess who has been fighting the war for their women her whole life. She's a loner. She too has been having dreams of her "perfect man". The two meet and realize they've been dreaming of each other. This series is old-time PNR at it's best. Through the series long life, it's had it's ups and downs, but never fails to offer it's fans a HEA while continuing the battle storyline. These two were a wonderful match. Dominic was so thrilled to find his mate that he did whatever he could to support Solange and put her fears of men and her appearance to rest. He's supportive of her warrior spirit and the battle she's been waging against the treatment of the female shifters. All the while, Solange does her best to open herself after so many years of closing herself off. I can't read these books back-to-back because of the steady formula that they follow, but one every now and again is always a nice treat.